Asking efficient questions Grasshopper?

Dunno if this is possible with discourse but is there a way to detect if a user is a first time poster in Grasshopper? and if so, is it possible to have some pop up asking if the user has read the information about asking efficient questions before posting? - directing them to this: How to ask effective questions

It would save so much re-explaining of those things on the forum.


I agree this would be useful. Also for the general Rhino category I think it could be useful to have something similar explaining things like including files in your post and using images or sketches to explain what you’re after.


I know everybody starts once. To admit, I also haven’t read it before my first post and Joseph was so nice to tell me, but being on the Forum for quite some time now, it’s really annoying.
When creating a new topic, already on the right side, topics with a similar name appear. Just add very big at the top: How to ask effective questions.

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Maybe you miss understand? I said to pop up only upon a new users first post. So any new user that posts would only see it once.

I know, but I already posted the link to people more than once because they forget it everytime they create a new topic ^^

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They probably ignore it haha, I’m thinking more of a check mark to acknowledge you read it type of deal.

Yes. And a Captcha, and a Quiz. And a confirmation email that they have read why. :wink:

And an annoying agressive red color sticker reminder as a top banner on the forum pages until the eleventh post.

We’re all getting used to just dismiss any messages which after a split-second look seems unrelated to what we’re doing (“please subscribe” blah blah, or the boring cookie policies and… blah blah). So we simply click them away.

But then it shows up again, for yet another nine posts.

I mean, no threats, no (other) harassment, just a reminder (I confess, I would also just dismiss any one-time popup dialog/checkbox, internet is wearing us out with those these days…).

Kindof. :slight_smile:

// Rolf


A quiz, yes!

How about a $10 deposit?


$10 every time some has to direct you to the efficient questions post.

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let people view a 5 second ad before entering the site will be even more profitable :stuck_out_tongue:

like news websites do

people will maybe take more time to consider their question
but, such ads might works degressive for this forum (negative)

however and after all, you foster your users and potential future license users

maybe this will save you all time, changing this part (see image below)
so, people won’t use their ease
‘with respect to the person who reads your question, meet the requirements,’ or something

or maybe next to the heart a question mark, so you do not have to respond every time and just click the question mark next to the heart

and for professional members, by clicking the question mark, the topic will be muted, and unmuted when the topic is changed by the author

when people want to know something “they” should do their best, not you

a quiz with ‘quiz time’ and a ‘quiz score’ which limits the amount of characters a person may use; and a penalty if the score is to low which ban people for a couple of days depending the score

EDIT: I meant my comment as a joke too :stuck_out_tongue: I agree on all you say in the response on my comment :slight_smile:

I have a problem with penalties though. Stackoverflow comes to mind. I think that the lowest personalities of the lowest gather there and harass and push other people around. I really hate the attitudes there.

In order to preserve the positive (extremely) positive attitudes here on this forum one should be careful not to “punish”. But reminding in constructive and clever ways about how to prepare a question wouldn’t be wrong, I think.

The idea about an extra click-icon below posts, which would auto-insert an info-box about “best practice how to ask better qiestions” perhaps would be a good idea, though.

// Rolf

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I’m always impressed by just how accommodating the people on this forum are, considering the numerous opportunities to be snarky and the ridiculously scant information sometimes supplied.

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Or we get 10$ for everytime we post the link :smiley:

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Some more thoughts on this over here. I suppose this meta-discussion is very much directly informed by the philosophy of CodingHorror/Jeff Atwood (i.e. to get away from Stack Overflowy-ness and more into self-governing user driven moderation) :man_shrugging:

‘Stackoverflowyness’ definitely varies by tag. Some of the newer less generic tags attract a friendly crowd IME.