What is it with the trolls/knowitalls?

I´m not a veteran in the forum, so a few of you might have seen some gruesome stories, but lately I have the sensation (as I read) that there are some particular users with a very bad vibe.
If it were only against McNeel, I wouldn´t agree with the behaviour, but I gues it´s a price you pay for creating a free dialog space to your users… you get banter.
But what I really don´t like – and I´m beginning to think about talking back– is some users disrespecting novice users (or even plain lazy users) who don´t/can´t/won´t state their questions with enough (in the judgment of the troll) clarity or haven´t read the forum rules.

I think these attitudes bring very little to our community.


Hi @arquitextonica,

I’ve noticed some of this too. Not sure why the uptick - perhaps the winter blues.

When you come across a post or reply that falls into what you’ve described, just poke the Flag button.

Someone from McNeel will review the comments and, if needed, take whatever action is necessary.


– Dale