Rhino polysurfaces into solid works

I am working with an industrial designer for the first time and am wondering if they can use my file which contains polysurfaces and surfaces. I have to do some lofting and then cage editing to bend my object. Any insight would be appreciated.

I think closed polysurfaces can be opened into SolidWorks as base features.
Surfaces can be imported and used as trimming surfaces or replacement surfaces.
IGES or STEP are the best file formats to use.

Thanks for the quick response. This forum rocks. Do you know of a way to loft two closed curves without them creating polysurfaces. It seems like what I have read in other forums is that solid works prefers surfaces to polysurfaces but could be wrong. Thanks again.

If the curves have kinks, you’ll get joined surface edges.

I tried to “make periodic” to take out the kinks but still got the paneling effect on the loft. Are there any other tools that I could try?

Hello - can you post an example?



What you see is the result of using the loft to then cut out a solid. The poly surfaced loft then cuts the solid leaving a poly surface. The curves were brought in from a pdf to autocad to rhino. Do you know how I can cut that shape out of a solid without leaving a poly surface. FYI I’m still using Rhinov4


Hello - thanks, I meant an example loft and the input curves, as a 3dm file.


See attached. I have a few different curves to loft and they all come in as
polysurfaces. There are definitely kinked, so I may need to round them out
just slightly if I can get them to not polysurface. Thanks for the input.
I’m really trying to figure out the best way to complete this task so that
it can be read in Solidworks with out any hickups. I believe this is the
right method but if you guys know something more, I’m all ears. Thanks

test.3dm (203 KB)

Hello - as pointed out above, if you make surfaces from curves that have kinks, hard corners, then the result will be a polysurface - - can you tell me why that is bad?


Perhaps it’s my confusion, or ignorance, but I will have to export the file as a step file to be used in solidworks, and my understanding was that solidworks doesn’t want poly surfaces. I don’t know if that is really the case but I didn’t want to risk it, thus I’m trying to avoid polysurgaces. If you have any insight I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks again

SolidWorks is fine with polysurfaces provided they are “closed” or water tight.