Modelling grave slope in Tekla

Hi guys,

Ive just started jusing grasshopper and have some problems in my script which im hoping someone can help me with.

  1. The “divide distance” function:
    If I put the “set number” = 500 I get this surface:

With “set number” = 600 I get this surface:

  1. Why doesnt the “loft” function work with the “fit line” and “tekla line” as inputs?

Attached GH modell.
graveskråning (15.7 KB)


1/ Fit Line has no way to know in which direction the line is supposed to go. You need to align the two curves. You can do that in Loft > Loft Options > Align sections, or better, use Flip Curve.

1 bis/ I don’t understand why you need to divide your curve like this. You could make a simple extrusion of the plate. You could also use Polyline + Simplify Curve instead of Fit Line. Beware that with your method, you are missing the last portion of the line.

You could do this.

2/ You need to Merge the two curves since the input of the compponent is as list. And here you immeidtaly run into one of GH’s nightmare : absurd data matching for items in Merge. Your two curves are not in the same branch, though technically they are items. So you need to Trim Tree.
If you use Flip Curve method, it works fine.

graveskråning (15.9 KB)

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