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Hi Everyone,
Can someone please advice me what’s the best and fastest way to model this part of a light pole I’m trying to model. I couldn’t figure how to model those sharp angles and seams.


Give it your best effort. Then post the file.

Here is the model I made. Light Pole1.3dm (586.1 KB)

I can’t get these sharp seams/edges to work. any thoughts?

Hello - you can’t easily do it as one surface and have your hard edges - you’ll need to make separate surfaces (each more or less flat side) and add transitions and small fillets along the ‘sharp’ edges.

On the other hand the two images you posted don’t agree with one another all that well. - do you have any other images from different angles?


Thanks Pascal.
These are images I found:


I wanna know how product designers come up with (or achieve) these type of geometries. I mean do they start from a solid form and manipulate it or do they use separate surfaces or do they use totally different software than Rhino. I guess I am more curious to know if these images were given to a product designer, where do they start and what’s their thought process.

  • Pouya

Well, you make some sketches and/or mock-ups, depending on client, budget and allocated time. Usually, with higher end companies, the designer would then pass the stuff along to a CAD girl or CAD boy who then models it in SolidWorks or similar, so tests can be done while the data is refined, and in parallel tooling can be planned. Most high-end luminaire manufacturers in Italy, Sweden or Belgium work that way.

Hi Pouya - something like the attached is how I’d go about this - it’s a bit hasty and none of it quite matches your image, but as a layout of the surfaces I think I’d build…
Light Pole1_Somewhat.3dm (452.2 KB)


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Too bad the company does not show a close-up of the y-branch region… honi soit qui mal y pense ; )

It ain’t a BEGA, or is it?

Thanks Pascal. It looks very close! So you used curves to model the part that connects arm to the pole right?

Thanks for your answer Lagom. It’s a “Selux” product. I believe they are based in Germany.

They are. It’s “Astro” from Phoenix Design. Alas, no perspective photographs to be found ; )

This was an unexpected challenge. I think I’m close.

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Looks good! Is that SolidWorks?

Rhino and VSR. I use auxpecker materials in render display.