How can I model this?


Just wondering

how this was could be modeled in rhino?

With grasshopper and a lot of trials and errors.


where can I start at least,

There is too little information on these pictures.

What are the intersections of this object in Z(vertical) direction?

Are the intersections just rotated relative to one another or they are also scaled?

Start by trying to model this in Rhino then move to grasshopper to make it parametric. This is my suggestion.

Does anyone have this definition? I can not see it properly.


Take a look at the number of inputs and outputs and what type of objects they get.

You can do it, I believe in you.

Make the first step before you can run!

hahah thanks! Ive already achieve the shape but Im trying to get the openings. Ill just tween surface and then offset and sweep2 I guess, but its not giving the same result as the lamp shade image.