Modeling a complex roof

Hi everyone, I’m trying to model the interior ceiling of this auditorium for some interior renderings:

The problem, I have is that I just have the cad models for two sections and the floor plans.
I extracted the corresponding boundary curves from each drawing:

Figuring I could first model the surface and from there get the more complex structure.
I tried network surface, sweeps, and I can’t get even close… does anyone have any ideas?
Thanks a lot!
curves.3dm (101.5 KB)

Yeah… that is not very much to go on. What I think I’d do is break down the shapes into simpler curves - it looks like it is (nearly) compsed of arc-like curves connected by G2 blends - you might be able to get away with that.

curves_PG1.3dm (110.9 KB)

That suggests making 5 pretty simple curved surfaces (top and four sides) connected by blend surfaces at the ‘edges’.


Thanks a lot pascal!
Dividing the curves did the trick!