Help modelling complex curved shape

Hi Everyone,

Currently trying to model the curved surface of a roof with known geometries from its elevations.
Essentially a rectangle in plan, with each elevation being a parabolic curve. I want to ‘loft’ these four elevation curves, forming a single seamless curved form. Any pointers on how to achieve this would be greatly appreciate. Thank you!

CurvedRoofForm.3dm (36.9 KB)

Xnurbs did a good job here. I hope this helps.—Mark
CurvedRoofForm.3dm (256.5 KB)

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Hi @Hans_H
Welcome :slight_smile: In this case, the easiest way is to join up your curves, so that you have a “3x3 grid” with 3 spans in each direction - and then use NetworkSrf to create the surface.

HTH, Jakob


One curve is a “morph control object” which needs to be exploded as Jakob showed in his video before it can be joined.

After using NetworkSrf you can Rebuild or RebuildUV to simplify the surface within the required accuracy.

Your curves are very far from the World Origin which can cause problems.

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Amazing, never seen the NetworkSrf command before. Thank you so much, much appreciated!