Model not visible in Front and Top View, but visible in other 2 views?

Hi, I’m pulling my hair out! I can see my model in the Perspective and Right Views but it is invisible in the Top and Front Views. I know they are there as when I select an object in either Perspective or Right View I can see the selected outline in the Front and Top Views.

Any enlightenment would be much appreciated!

What display mode are they in?
It’s possible to suppress the display of different object types in the individual named display modes.
Go into Options - View - Display Modes, and see if any of the names are lavender, indicating they are not using default settings.
I think you’ll find it.
One exception to that are dimensions. Dimensions will vanish by design when the viewing angle is very flat.

Hi John,

Thanks for your very prompt reply. Some were not in default modes, so I clicked and made all view settings default. Unfortunately, they still cannot be seen except when I select the object in the Right View point when I can then make out their outline.


Hi vanvr- please check the Properties page with no selection and one of these viewports active - are the camera and target locations reasonable? or huge?


Hi, I think this is the problem. Y location is negative with a huge number. How can I reset this?

Hi vanvr- most likely, there is an object that is very far out in space. Try, in one of the other views, Zoom Extents - does the view zoom out like crazy? If so, probably the part of the model you care about is on one side of the viewport, but tiny and the other object, whatever it is, is on the other. Try making a window selection around half the viewport- if your model is highlighted, use Invert followed by Delete. If your model is not highlighted, but the command line reports a selection, just Delete.

Any luck?


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Pascal, Yes thank you! All fixed and some hair left in tact!