Objects are invisible in one of the views

Strange thing here.
One view port somehow stopped showing the model.
trying to set different views makes no difference,
the thing is only affecting this one, [the other viewports are normal]

any ideas?

with thanks


Looks like a damaged viewport.
If it were me, I’d start a new file using the same settings, then copy/paste the entities into the new file.

Hi John
Copy paste into a new file restored the view port to normal behavior.

just curious, if there’s a reason for this? a small bug of sort?

thanks a lot.


Hi John
it would be very helpful to know the reason for this?
The problem with solving this by copying the geometry to a new file is that I seems to have lost all my History links.
forcing the redo of many surfaces.

Is there a way to do a “copy+Paste into a new file fix” while maintaining the history links?

with thanks

Hi Akash - do you still have the original (bad) file? Can you send to tech@mcneel.com?


Hi Pacal.
thank you
yes I still have it. but a computer reboot seems to have healed the sick viewport…
wish I thought of it at the time…[ I did do a Rhino restart then, which made no difference]
do you still want to see the file, it’s too large to email ?