Cannot see my model: zoom slected, extents all doesn't work

Hi - big problem with a model - I lost the views - the front viewport appears fine - I can see the model. All the other views are so far zoomed out, I cannot get the model back. Zoom extents doesn’t work, zoom selected will not work. Other models open and work fine.

It’s before hours in Seattle so I’d love any thoughts before I bug them. Thanks

Hi Clint -
Without the 3dm file, it can be hard to diagnose the problem here…
When you select a single item, what does it say on the command line?
What happens when you run 4View?
Which version of Rhino are you on?

Hi Clint - almost certaily there is a stray piece of geometry way out in space - if you can select what you expect to be in the model in Front and then Invert you may be able to locate it.


Dunno guys - this is a weird one - I got the model back in 4 views for a hot second, then the model vanished in Front view…I do have it in top, persp, and right…playing with it…

Hi Clint - send a file to and someone will have a look.


I may have got it…If you don’t see file than I solved it.