Model is deformed and parts are missing in SD viewer

Hello SD team, my model has a part chopped off and another seems stretched out in the Shape Diver viewer, but everthing is fine in my local file. The model performance and parameters are working perfectly otherwise.

Could not find a related problem in the forum, thanks for any help.
User: andresroppa

The shared ShapeDiver system that your account is linked to still runs Rhino 6. Our users have experienced multiple backwards compatibility issues in the past so I suggest you check your definition works in Rhino 6 before uploading it to the system. Let me know if that solves the issue for you.

Thanks for the reply Mathieu, just got a chance to test this. Uploaded the .gh from a Rhino 6 (where it also worked fine), but I get the same issue here. Any clues or suggestions?
Many thanks for your help - Andrés

My next best guess is that you are referencing geometry from a Rhino document that you did not reference in the Grasshopper definition. Try renaming or moving any Rhino file that you have referenced and see if something is missing then.
In any case, it will be difficult for me to help further without seeing a minimal example where the problem happens.

Many thanks for the pointers Mathieu, you were correct. This, in addition to some other needed tweaks solved the mesh deformation on the SD viewer.
It took some time but I found the components causing problems … not entirely sure on the reason, but ok for now.