Visualization Error

I was told to post this here by someone at Shapediver for help from the development team specifically rather than our usual point man through the company.

I have a script that shows up just fine in GH but when I try to move it into SD half of the rendering outputs don’t show up at all. I have no clue why.

Here is the link to the SD upload: ShapeDiver

After reviewing, I believe this is likely happening because you are modelling in Rhino 7 but uploaded your model to a Rhino 6 server. Could you try to open your model in Rhino 6 and see if it works as expected there?
You either have the option to make the model compatible with Rhino 6 or to upgrade your account and get access to a Rhino 7 backend system. Please contact our sales team if you wish to explore the second option.