Model disappears in some views


I have problem with strange Rhino 5 behaviour. I’ve linked a 3ds model to Rhino file and the model at first appeared in all views except perspective view. I’ve tried to turn on perspective view in another view window to check wether it will solve the problem. However, it disappeared there as well and going back to right side view did not help either.

Is that a bug or am I doing something wrong ?


Hi m_ziolo_8

Can you attach the files? It’s probably easier to track down the cause.

An unrelated Question:
I see you have a scale ruler indicating the size of 10cm
Is that a feature from a plugin, or a setting inside Rhino?

@Willem, here you go. Scale Ruler is the feature of VisualARQ plug-in for Rhino. I attach two files - you have to link 3ds file to Rhino file.
Here is the link:


There is definitely something wrong with the 3ds file.
The first thing I noticed is that there is a directional light inside that file that is
for some reason represented as a huge object.
However still,
@pascal When I open the KB) by itself in Rhino, I can select and delete the directional light named “sun”
However, the remaining mesh objects will not zoom extends when selected (only in the perspective view it does zoom extends).
m_ziolo_8 To fix the 3ds I did this:
Open the bad 3ds, delete the light object named “sun” and exported the remaining objects (house) as 3ds.
That KB) behaves as expected.


By the way, @Willem, have you noticed viewing issues of the model in perpendicular views?

In perpendicular views elements of the model seem to be transparent and you can see elements on the other side of the model, while in perspective view everything seems fine. Of course, I don’t mean wireframe mode, where it is obvious, but check out differences in front view and perspective view on the attached image.

Willem, I made a python plug-in that puts a ruler on screen- shout if you want to give it a spin. It works reasonably well (here), but the difficulty in installing Python Plug-ins reliably has made me hesitant to send it out… Oh, also, it is dependent on getting each particular display’s dot-pitch right. There is a setting in it for dot pitch but you need to know it. The way I have it now, the ruler is always the same length on screen (pixels) and its measurement in model units changes according to zoom.


I guess for now I would open the 3ds file in Rhino, delete the light and run 4View, twice in a row to reset the viewports- then link that file to Rhino.


your plugin sounds interesting and very helpful for modelling ! May I know whether there is a version for Mac Rhino?

Hi li1 - here’s the python script (10.8 KB)

So far I am not finding it works very well on the mac - when I turn it off the views go all white… In any case you’ll need to set the dot pitch for your monitor when you run it, see


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Super thanks!!! :wink: