Mixed fonts in command line

I’m having an issue where there are mixed fonts in my command line when typing. Has anyone run into this, or know a fix?

Seems to occur randomly when typing in the command line, and fixes itself after pressing delete.

Version 6 SR21
(6.21.19351.9141, 12/17/2019)

Font0 Font1

Hello- I guess the first thing to do is get the latest V6, the current service release is 6.29.


Updated - issue still occuring


In Options > Appearance, what is set for you Command Prompt font?
Mine is Arial:

Somehow got cleared, my font was empty! Put it back to Arial - Arial. Fixed. Thanks!

It must have been defaulting to some Windows system font.

Error occurred again. Appears to revert to the default font another glitch where the UI disappears aside from one view that displays at the wrong resolution. I can still enter commands blind (to save) but the program becomes largely unusable. May be some sort of graphics glitch. Only fix I have found is restarting rhino. Next time it occurs I will try to get some screenshots.

If you click the Restore Defaults button at the bottom of the page, does the Command prompt font change to “Segoe UI”?

That is the default Windows system font now.