French special characters change the command line font, affecting hover


command line font

Hmm, I’m not seeing that here in my default French V7… Looks like you maybe changed the command line font? I still have mine at Segoe UI 9 point…


Same for me.
Like Helvetosaur, I don’t have this problem with Rhino6 and Rhino7

Thanks for your answers. In effect, the font name was changed, though I’ve never set it. I found the following advanced options values modified:

Restoring the CommandPromptFontName to the default value fixes the problem.

I guess I got that asian font name after doing some testing in chinese. In fact, if I now change the Rhino language to Japanese the font name is set to “MS Pゴシック”. But it is not restored when I set french again, and the command line error appears again: