Missing the "Alt"+Doubleclick text edit in V6

Has this been altered in V6? I have totally forgotten to report that I miss that feature, it is so handy when texts are grouped or laying on top of hatches etc.


When you double-click on text it brings up the Edit Text box. Isn’t that what you want? You can even put this on a macro.

Hi Cosmas, thanks for answering.

Yes, it does, but in V5 you have the ALT+double click to force an edit based on the first text object it finds where you click. So if a text is above some curves or a block it doesn’t bother asking if you want to edit those instead.

I just miss that feature in V6 and wonder if it is dropped or replaced.

Hi Jorgen - that appears to be missing… thanks for the report, I’ll see if we can get that back.