Double clicking on text over hatch

  1. Create a solid hatch
  2. Create a text object
  3. Move text over the hatch
  4. Group them

Now double clicking on text will no longer bring up text edit pop-up in R6. It will in R5.

How can I revert R6 behavior back to R5 or similar. R6 is literally making our current symbols workflow a nightmare. Can a new workflow be suggested when I don’t have to Ctrl + Shift click -> select text in the selection menu -> edit text properties to edit a simple text object over a whiteout hatch?

Double click worked just fine. What happened to it?

Arch symbols.3dm (47.2 KB)

Hm, I use screencast all the time and today, I cannot see anything… some Flash Player error…


Videos were made with Jing, which only does flash format. Had to stop using it because of that.

OK - I do have Flash in Chrome though, and update it all the time … remembering of course, every time, not to allow them to install McAfee.


  1. Create a solid hatch
  2. Create a text object
  3. Move text over the hatch
  4. Group them

Now double clicking on text will no longer bring up text edit pop-up in R6. It will in R5.

Got it, thanks


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So, if you group 2 texts together and double click one of them - R6 won’t know which text you’re clicking and will prompt you to select which one you want to edit. R5 would not require a third click in this case.

Also, the overlapping object doesn’t necessarily need to be a hatch. It won’t go into text edit mode if you’re clicking on a grouped curve too.

Bump for luck.

You might be expecting this by now, RH-51703 was fixed in Rhino 7.

As for the line and text: is that 1 line and 1 text that are grouped together? That seems to be working in Rhino 6 as it did in Rhino 5.

The two text objects grouped together is not fixed - I’ve created item RH-52798.

Yes, one line and one text grouped. It doesn’t work like R5 if you’re clicking on the text that directly overlaps the line or any other object for that matter (a hatch or a part of a leader). It wouldn’t activate text edit in that case at all. It would in R5.

Nothing is fixed in image :man_shrugging:

Thanks. Yes, when selecting right at the overlap, it doesn’t work in Rhino 6 like it did in RH 5 and that was fixed in RH-51703. For the grouped text, it doesn’t matter where you pick. In fact, in Rhino 5, when 2 text objects in a group overlap, it seems that Rhino decides to always pick the object that was last selected. Is that how you feel it should be?

2 texts in a group overlapping each other:
We don’t have any overlapping texts in a group or not. So, it’s never an issue to us, hence we don’t care how it behaves. Why would anyone overlap texts anyway, how’d one read it?

2 texts in a group NOT overlapping:
R5 would pop-up Text Edit on double click of either text for the text that’s being clicked on.
R6 would prompt you to select which text to edit on double click regardless of which text you’re clicking. Intended behavior would be the R5 behavior. I don’t have to tell R6 which text to edit by clicking third time at the same text.

I don’t know why I have to “prove” the importance of those extra clicks, but here it is. The amount of detail markers we have to click to edit page and detail number can already be overwhelming without extra clickage.

R6 TextEdit amounts .pdf (975.7 KB)

To put it in perspective, that is just one page in a drawings set.

This seems to be the most overused, non-helpful statement in all of this message board. If it has been posted as a R5 regression issue, why then does it get “fixed” in R7 WIP and completely skipped over for R6?

Yep, you’re exactly right. I’ve reopened this bug for Rhino 6.15. I think it will be really straightforward to bring the fix back to V6.


One issue down, several more to go…Thank you.

And those are?

Hi - Yes, please let us know exactly which YT regression items you are referring to. Thanks!

RH-51703 is fixed in the latest Service Release Candidate

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Now we need this issue fixed:

  1. Create 2 texts
  2. Group them
  3. Double click on either will only prompt to select which text to edit in R6 (extra click that doesn’t need to be there, that wasn’t there in R5 or R4). Like there’s no check on what you’re clicking the first two times.

in R5 it will pop-up Text Edit.