Text edit in V5 better than V6 / V7

Here are screen shots of text editing the same file in V5 & V6/V7.

They show the text itself in the model, it opened for editing, the properties of the text, and as a comparison the same text posted into notes.

I believe this shows that the text editing is vastly superior in V5, and the two later versions of the program present an unwieldy mess.

It’s of course possible that I’m missing some nuances of how to set up text editing in V6 / V7; this is how it behaves “out of the box”.


Ø I note that in V5 double clicking on the text to edit it only brings up the actual pop-up edit box, whereas in V6 / V7 it automatically brings up the properties for the text also. Theoretically it could be argued this is a good idea; however the edit box in V6/V7 is a duplicate of the text properties panel – we obviously don’t need both! – just looks like lazy programming…
Ø The V5 edit pop-up is great since it just does what it needs to do – ie allows one to edit the text. If I want to alter the text further, then I’d choose to open the properties, just like any other object.
Ø In V5, the edit box displays the text at the same height as notes, which itself is pretty much the same height as the text is displayed in the properties panel. This is fine – why do we have this huge text in displayed in V6 / V7…?

Surely this cannot be how its intended to work, so I must be missing some trick to sort this out – someone please me here…


And there are different options in the popup dialog vs. the properties panel.
Upper/lower case tools
Edit style

Both the edit tools should be exact duplicates.
Or only V5 style text editing.