Missing textures, missing objects, just haywire, wtf?

Hi folks -

Has anybody experience having flamingo suddenly stop rendering the scene correctly? All of a sudden my grass texture doesn’t appear at all, a block in the foreground just disappears, the environment sometimes shows up in front of parts of the scene, and other wacky inexplicable behavior. Rebooting seemed to work a little bit for reloading some of the textures and getting the environment to stop behaving weird, but some meshes just don’t even show up at all.

Of course all my bmps are still where they are supposed to be on disk, all the render settings are normal. Has anybody experienced anything like this?

Attached is a portion of the image with the missing mesh.

Is there any way to do some kind of cache purge or something?

There are a lot of trees. I have plenty of RAM though and the issue seems to happen even with that layer off. Any thoughts?

Can you try updating Rhino 5 to this service release candidate which is slated to become SR13?

Then run the command FlamingoCheckForUpdates

Please let me know if you still have an issue after that. You can email tech@mcneel.com as well if needed.