Suddenly missing Textures

i had this happening repeatedly now that textures have gone missing. textures which were nothing more than internal fish gratt floor for instance. anybody else experiencing this?

it usually messes up a lot of work though this time not thankfully but having to recreate them from scratch since the scaling is also far off is not what i am want to spend time on. i am scratching my head if i am doing something accidentally, but i believe not, closing a file and opening it the next day should not do anything harmful to a file :face_with_peeking_eye:

i neither moved the file nor did i do anything else on the texture… i remember updating in-between though maybe that is the culprit?

i am not sure where this folder could be, looks like some some cache has been created and Rhino decides to flush the initial texture out.

Hello- so, the symptom is, you open a Rhino file that has been saved with textures that are used somehow in materials, or environments etc and there are none, is that correct?


yes, at least partially if i recall correct. i used the parkett fischgrat for instance which is an internal material. suddenly it was gone.

Try DownloadLibraryTextures - does that sort anything out?


not sure, cant check anymore since i already rebuilt it. there was one texture left which i am not sure where it belonged and it seems it did not fix the issue because the missing texture was indicated when opening the file.

also there is a bug

Download failed. If you are not connected to the internet, you could download the textures from on another computer

i am connected to the internet, so i had to manually download it, i tested the same command once more to be sure that the internet was not laggy but the response shows up instantly while internet works.