Missing layer features

It would be really great to have following possibilities with layers in Rhino for Mac:

  1. Copy one or more layer/s or an entire layer tree with all settings (such as color, pen with). For instance through drag and drop those layers while holding the alt-key.
  2. Copy layers together with all the content on the layers. I work a lot with variations. For instance there is one layer which includes version 1 and has 3 sublayers (such as wall, door, window). If I want to create version 2 my fasted way to do so now is to paste all objects into another file, rename the main layer and paste the objects back to the main file. Not so smooth.
  3. Obtain the object material and mapping from a layer setting. I separate objects on layers by their render material so it would be a very fast possibility to always have materials and mapping correct just through moving them to the correct layer.

Please let me know if any of these options are somehow possible or a better workaround exists.

Thanks in advance!

You might give the latest RhinoWIP a try. This is the Work-In-Progress build for Rhino 6 for Mac (still in active development). We’ve been adding features over there and there’s some new functionality in the layer manager.