Copy entire layer structure from one Rhino document to another

Is there a fast and easy way to copy the entire layer structure from one Rhino document to another Rhino document?

Currently I do a workaround to prevent from creating the layer structure from scratch every time:

  • duplicate the Rhino file I want the layer structure from and use this as a temporary template
  • delete all content in this copy (except the layer structure of course)
  • create a template object in each of the layers I want to copy (I just create a large sphere @ 0,0,0)
  • copy all template objects from my template file to my target file (the layers will be pulled over)
  • delete the sample objects
  • finished

This is a relatively quick workaround but I can imagine there is a much easier function in place already.

You can use the LayerStateManager command to save and import layers, or simply import the .3dm file and all layers will be imported as well. And since your import objects are automatically selected on import, just press delete and you’ll be left with just the layers.

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If you are using this layer structure all the time or frequently, you can make a template file and save that then open it on startup.

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I don’t think Mac Rhino has layouts yet, it didn’t when I was trialling it for a year or so but it’s really helpful using templates. Set your standard template which you use as the default and it will always open with that.

Yes we do … now, since a few builds …

Behind my Layout screen is how the template files look on Rhino for Mac. Not everyone on the Rhino for Mac category has used Rhino for Windows, so showing Windows images may be a bit confusing. FWIW