Feature Request - Layers Duplicate & with Objects


It would be nice to use layer command box to Duplicate layer and Duplicate layer with objects.

Also when deleting more than one layer the option to delete all selected, instead of having to cycle through all selected layers. Like WinRhino.

I usually have to do 5-10 different versions for renders, so the duplicate with objects comes in handy so I can keep different versions With their materials.

I also always have a working copy and a copy I send outside work for casting. So they just get basic file. Hence the need to delete lots of layers, sometimes.

Thanks, Randy



also duplicate of layers with all sublayers would be extremely handy to have!

Duplicate Layers & Objects - Add to Wishlist
(Dan Belcher) #3

Items logged. See the related thread.


Hi Dan- Is there still a plan to implement the above feature- as niqone mentions? … or did i miss it somewhere?- it would save so much time. Thanks. Anthony

(Pascal Golay) #5

Hi Anthony - it looks like that one has been slated for V6.