Missing image files. Update: Solved

Is there a way to findout on what layer the image is used?

I removed a image in a folder because I did not use it anymore.
Now, each time I open the file I get the message missing imagefilemissing image file
I want to remove it from my file but I can not find it (probably hidden?)
Because the file is very complex with a severe number of layers I was wondering is there a kind of command so Rhino will find it for me.

I suddenly saw why I could not found the image.
It stood in panel Materials.
Do not know how it got there though.

I think all pictures are stored in panel Materials.

(sorry for my bad English)

Thanks, I was having trouble finding those but I did find them in the Materials panel. Like you, I’m not really sure how those were created.

I guess you mean the image was used in a material there, correct?

Had you used the image in some material in the past?


Hoi Pascal,
sorry I did not see your question early.

No I did not use the image in some material in the past.

grtzzz Frits

Hi Frits - and if you open the image, is it one you know about, apart from the odd name? It’s legitimately an image that you have some place? I’m just wondering if Rhino cooked up an image from a procedural texture or something.


Sorry, I do not have the same settings as in january. In that periode I used V6 (beta).
Because of downwards compatibility isues I had to save the file in V5 en after expire V6 I removed a lot of files so I can not repeat the problem but as far as I recall, the picture was a real image I used and removed with explorer when no longer needed.