How to get rid of unwanted missing images

Hey guys,

I’m getting the Missing Images dialogue when I open a particular file with a list of jpg’s that the program says are missing. It offers me to find them. I recognize the images and they have come from a project I worked on 2 years ago. Rather than find them, however, I want to just delete them. They somehow got embeded in my file and I have no use for them at this point. Is there any way to do that? There’s about 20 of them, so it would be nice if I could just select them all and delete them.

Alternatively, is there any way to find what objects/ materials they are attached to and delete them (or strip them of the material)?

Thank you.


Here’s the advanced option to stop the missing textures message… make it False by unchecking the box.

@andy May have some ideas on ways to locate the specific objects with the assigned materials that are missing textures.

Thank you, Brian. Your suggestion has worked. It does indeed stop the reminder message from coming up, but as I wrote Pascal, this is just a bandage because the unwanted missing images are still there embedded somewhere in the file.

@andy I wonder if you could look at the attached video (very short) that I made for Brian James showing my problem and let me know – is there a way to find the jpg’s that Rhino says are missing and delete them, or if you can’t delete them, can you find what materials or objects they are attached to?

Thank you.

Hi Cosmas - those are all textures on materials - here, if I reproduce that situation, it tells me, in the dialog, what the material name is, but I do not see that on yours for some reason… If the materials are not in use any more, you can look in the Materials panel and filter for materials that are not in use:

And look through those for materials don’t and won’t need and you can delete them. The bigger-hammer is to use Purge but that will get all unused materials whether you want to keep them in the file or not.

Any of that work?


Hello Brian,
can you help me with same issue for the Mac ?
I cant find this options in Rhino for Mac.

Alexandre Rosenberg

Hi Alexandre -

I see that option here in Rhino 7 for Mac. Which version are you running?

could you show me the screenshot please

Hi -
Here you go:

But this was added to Rhino 7 for Mac…

Do you know how can I solve this problem for Rhino6 for Mac ?

Hi -

It depends on exactly what you are trying to do. The advanced option that is not available on Rhino 6 for Mac did not solve the issue that the user was having - do the other suggestions that were offered help at all?

I would like to get rid of this window, it takes minutes to open a file

Run the command Purge and remove unused materials or anything else that uses textures. Then hold down Option with the File menu down and choose SaveAs to save a new version of the file with a different name. Then open that one to see if it worked.

Thank you, this helps a lot.