Missing geometry in ShapeDiver


I have trouble with disappearing lines in ShapeDiver. I’m working on a truss configurator and have a simplified 2d image to give input data to the user. The image displays a truss with rectangles on it (representing signs). Where the signs are the truss is hidden.

The problem is that for certain lengths of the truss, the entire truss disappears on ShapeDiver. In Rhino/GH it works fine. I haven’t been able to find any pattern regarding when this happens. However it seems fairly consistent to certain lengths, its not a matter of trying the same length later and it works.

Any ideas what might be causing this? I’ve uploaded a simplified version of the script.


Truss_debug_example.gh (54.8 KB)

The shared ShapeDiver system is still running Rhino 6 currently, therefore you should double check that your definition works as expected there. I can reproduce the issue locally when I open it in Rhino 6.

That was it! Didn’t know that ShapeDiver is running Rhino 6. Thanks Mathieu!