Missing commands

Hi i have downloaded the current version of kangaroo but am still missing commands such as “kangaroo” and “springs”
any advice appreciated

Those don’t exist in Kangaroo 2 (which is the latest). If you want those use Kangaroo .99. The two kangaroos work in different ways. Kangaroo 2 is much better.

hi thanks for the response i have installed Kangaroo .99 and “springfromline” is available however “kangaroo” is still unavailable, are you aware of which version of kangaroo this command belongs to?
thank you in advance

The kangaroo solver is part of every Kangaroo. Maybe you don’t understand what you are looking for, a screenshot reference of what you are trying to find would help. Also, seems you are going to start learning kangaroo, why go to .99? Better to learn the newer K2 system.

these are the commands im seeking.
the download for the attached link unfortunately does not work.
( https://rhino.github.io/components/kangaroo/corners.html )
thank you

Can you show a screenshot of it missing in your kangaroo?

(version 0.099)

(version 2.42)

well dunno why it is not there in 0.099 but it is there is 2.42 in Main tab called Solver. Just use K2.

thanks for the response however i think the “solver” command and the “kangaroo” command differ although they share an identical thumbnail,
the inputs and outputs or properties seem to differ can you confirm why this is?
solver unnamed
thank you

As I said, because Kangaroo 2 is an updated version of kangaroo, “Solver” is the new “Kangaroo Solver”. Delete Kangaroo .99, just use Kangaroo 2. Kangaroo 2’s system is optimized and performs better.

kangaroo tutorial.3dm (725.7 KB)
kangaroo tutorial.gh (43.1 KB)
could you please identify why in this example the solver tool is failing, i have also attached the tutorial which includes the use of the “kangaroo” alternative
thank you in advance

Because Kangaroo 2 and Kangaroo .99 are not compatible, I’m really not sure how else to say this. Don’t use Kangaroo .99 tutorials for Kangaroo 2, they do not work in the same way. The logic is different. (It is also odd to see a Kangaroo .99 tutorial uploaded in 2019.)

See here a video to understand the difference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_Bfmm8y-Ms&t=185s

Why don’t you just use K2? It’s definitely more robust. You’d better not refer to tutorials using old version.

kangaroo tutorial_re.gh (40.3 KB)


thank you so much!