Kangaroo 1 solver update to Kangaroo 2

Hi everyone,

I’m currently using an algorithm that uses the solver component of kangaroo 1. I’ve been trying to update it with the solver of kangaroo 2 but haven’t had any luck.

This is the original algorithm that uses kangaroo 1

minimalpathB.gh (26.9 KB)

Here’s a K2 version to try. Since PLaw wasn’t carried over into K2 (as far as I know?), I used a C# component that I think I grabbed from an old @DanielPiker example of K2 bundling.

Playing around with the number of division points, the curve degree, and the goal parameters yields different kinds of results. Hopefully this gets you closer to what you’re trying to do?

minimalpathC_NB Edit.gh (18.4 KB)

This was helpful, thank you so much!