Missing Command Editor in Rhino 8 MAC

Dear Dev-team of Rhino (8),
I just switched to Rhino 8 and from the first second I completely missed the Command Editor I am used from Rhino 7. The options I have to customize the shortcuts are simply not as good as it was in the previous version: A clear downgrade for me at this point.
For example: I can’t do assign “shift”+“-” to a command, which I did so far. Furthermore, the mac interface is not really made to copy the commands with the options from a command line and paste it in the Aliases.
Why did you drop this very cool tool for personalized tool shortcuts?
Will you bring it back?

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if you hit the f2 key in mac rhino the command history comes up and you can copy text from that. hit f2 again and it goes away.

As for the shift+ commands… shift + a letter is seen the same way as a letter and has not been enabled for a hot key combo as it’s interpreted as text which goes to the command line by default.

you need to add option, control, or command + shift in order to break that relationship.

Hey Kyle! Thanks for the reply.
I am aware of the command history viewer, but the options won’t show up there. The command itself does, you are right.
The second thing I did not describe well. When I hit the “shift” and the “-” key at the same time, I had assigned one specific command in rhino 7 (as well as “shift” and “.” and so on…) which is not possible anymore.

To make my criticism clear: It is not as simple and intuitive to assign shortcuts with the new version 8 then it was in version 7. And some combinations I used are even not possible at all.

this may be the reality of the UI becoming more unified across the mac and pc platforms.

can you list combos for us that are not possible for you?

Hey Kyle, sorry for the late response.

Examples of combinations i used in Rhino 7 and now are not possible:

“shift” + “<” (used it for Dimensions)
“command”+“shift” + “<” (used it for Aligned Dimension)
“shift” + “-” (used it for activation of layer of selected obj.)
“command”+ “t” (used it for trimming)
“shift” + “e” (used it for extrude)
Basically everything with shift. And I liked that all these shortcuts and commands were in one place, and it was not necessary to copy commands etc. So it was a lot better designed in Rhino 7 then 8 and that is a clear downgrade for me at that point!