Minor Bug/Wish: Installing Cloud Zoo Plugins Via Package

Installing xray-1.0.0-rh7_32-any from the package manager works fine. I don’t think I did anything wrong is setup but it’s possible.

I have two requests for behavior when installing and running as an unlicensed user:

  1. the help me link goes to a page describing Rhino licensing… it would be better to omit or let me specify where the link goes.
  2. There’s a button to log in as a user. If that user doesn’t already have a license in the cloud zoo, the window just closes and the plugin is unlicensed. Please: redirect to the add licenses page at mcneel.com the same way it does for Rhino.

Some further expansion to help the user out would also be fantastic, such as allowing the plugin to specify a few web pages or static text with links to same for the two principal flows: adding a license when the user has one and telling the user how to get one (including trial) if they don’t have one.

Screenshot shows the link and, in the background, where the help me decide link actually goes to.