How to Add Plugin License for Group to Cloud Zoo

I found the add license to group page which shows a table of product/etc.

When I click Add License in a group I own, it seems to assume that I’m adding a Rhino license: no product selection, only a license key and it prompts with my Rhino7 key.

When a team purchases a plugin license, how do they add that to their team entity?

I’d assume that it would be handled automatically via the get_license hook, but that hook guarantees that the user is a privileged member of the entity so it doesn’t seem to cover the case in which a regular non admin team member is the first to try to use the license.


@will - is this something you can help with?


On the Add License page, you can enter any license key that is recognized by Cloud Zoo.

When adding your product to Cloud Zoo, you include a prefix that we can use to make sure that calls to get/add/remove your plug-in’s license keys are routed through to your issuer server.

You can test this by entering a license key and clicking on the “View License Details…” link that appears – this will call the GET /get_license endpoint on your issuer server.

Excellent, and a great tip for testing on the way to trigger get_license, thanks!