(minor bug) changing cPlane cancels command

sorry to post all those minor bugs, but as they sum up some workflows do not feel fluent…

using a custom named cplane in top view, using floating layer palette to manage the cplanes,
Changing c-plane during a command call is not consistent:
→ changing from custom cplane to default top cancels a command.
the other direction
→ changing from default top view to custom cplane does not cancel

in the example above, i have some objects in World top i would like to get to custom cplane… so it is obvious it makes sense to change the cplane within a command.

kind regards -tom

Yeah, that should not happen - it does not on Windows, here. Thanks for the report.
Hm. nor on Mac…


@pascal so you did not manage to reproduce on a mac ?

luckily … i caught it with a screenrecord :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

did you use _orientOnCrv as command to check and change cplane during object selecting.
i also get it with other commands.
just checked _box → command canceled
with _extrudeCrv → command is finished if a curve was selected (like pressing enter)
by the way - “duplicating” the default *World Top* to a identical custom Top (no Asterix, no space) - everything is fine

Oh, right - thanks, on that command it does as you say - sorry, I thought that was just an example of a general problem, I see it now. The command does depend on the CPlane in which the base point is picked but you are allowed to change views for that so changing planes ought to work as well I would think.
RH-65826 OrientOfCrv - change Cplane bails


thanks for tracking it…