Kangaroo 2 Tensile surface with holes

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I wish to generate a tensile surface with holes inside, is there a simple way to do this.

(Daniel Piker) #2

Hi Richard,

This can be quite simple - just make a mesh with holes and relax it, keeping some points anchored or on a boundary curve.
Here’s an example where I’ve also set a higher tension for the outer edges of the mesh, to simulate a boundary cable
tensile_holes.gh (26.9 KB)

(David S. Mavrov) #3

What if you want to mantain the wholes circular?


You could use the CoCircular goal on the naked vertices sets along the holes.

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I don´t have the component for some reason. I have the current version of Kangaroo and Rhino 5

(Daniel Piker) #7

Ah, this is in Rhino 6 only I’m afraid. There’s a newer Kangaroo included in R6 now.
CoCircular is also one goal that won’t get put into Kangaroo for R5, since it uses a function only in the R6 library.
You can do the same in the older version though by combining CoPlanar and CoSpherical, since if they’re both they are also CoCircular. It would be quite a bit slower though.

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Hi Daniel,

Thank you for the email and attached file which is close to what i’m trying to achieve, see attached. What is the easiest way to achieve this and retain control over the hole/anchor points?

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That image is from an old blog post of mine:

I’m assuming you’re talking just about the shape on the left, not the reciprocal diagram though.
All you need is a flat mesh with the holes you want, then you anchor some points around the boundary, use an EdgeLengths goal and VertexLoads.
catenaryhole.gh (11.3 KB)

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Hi Daniel,

That’s exactly what I need, absolutely amazing. I have one final question, How do you create really clean simple meshes. Mine always turn out like the attached. (Created from brep and split using solid then converted to mesh) Whats the secret?

Thanks again for all your help, its much appreciate.

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Remesh it, or make a cleqn quad mesh and cull hole faces.

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