Mini arcade stick

I can’t show any professional work (its rarely all in Rhino anyway), but I have bought a personal license as well and started a small hobby project…

Currently detailing the interiors and sourcing components.

Oh, and since I discovered that all models of the Sanwa JLF out there were inaccurate, I made and shared my own.


Love it! thanks for sharing!

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Love the wooden design! Thanks for sharing.


Hi @eobet ,

first of all: many compliments for your great work!

Curiosity: which rendering engine did you use, Cycles?
And how did you obtained that realistic reflexes on the joystick sphere ?

Have a nice day.

::: Gianpietro

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Thank you!

It’s Cycles but inside of Blender. The reflections you see is one of the HDRIs which ship with Blender that I used as an environment texture. However, I just checked and Rhino ships with a lot of environments as well. Here’s how you get to them:


Thank you @eobet!

I never used environment maps actually: I’ll give it a try.

I use Rhino since 1998 but I stopped using its render engine many years ago: I used Maxwell for some years, but recently I just use Rhino visualization modes: they are enough for me and very quickly give me an idea of the results.

But sometimes I need a “proper” render, so I am trying to go back to the old way: as you can easily understand I never used environment maps, so thank you for the precious info.

Anyway, I have another question for you: why do you use Cycles in Blender and not in Rhino?
Any advantage?


::: Gian

I use Blender both for SubD and rendering. It offers better flexibility and maturity of the toolsets in both of those areas.

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Got it.
Thank you!

Is that third image a display mode or a render? It looks great. Do you mid sharing the settings.

The first two images in this thread are from Blender, then there’s screenshots from shaded mode, rendered mode and raytraced mode. All using default Rhino settings.

Thats insane!