Mind maps with Grasshopper

Hi, I just thought that using Grasshopper for creating mind maps would be fantastic side feature if there was a way to simple connect text panels without transferring information from one to the other. I don’t know how to achieve that properly, but maybe someone has an idea? Cheers

I don’t want to speak for other people, but I think that to most people here (and especially the creators) what you just said sounds like:
" Ferraris are such beautifull cars, If only I could use one as a shrubbery for my garden!!!"

P.S. joking aside, I don’t think it can even be done…

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I’d recommend Draw.io for drawing flow charts, organisation diagram, mind maps etc: https://about.draw.io/features/examples/


Aris, please don‘t see my comment as an offence - on the contrary, I absolutely adore GH and today I was testing some apps for creating simple mind maps and nothing was as fluid as working in GH. Anders, thanks for the hint, I will try this one as well… looks powerful.

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On the contrary, please don’t you take offence at my comment. I like to tease people, but always in good humor.
(and btw… your discussion was an opportunity for me to learn about the program that @AndersDeleuran posted.)
so, thank you!!!

In which case, you might also consider automating your mappings: I’ve been writing/generating graphs in the DOT language and using the GraphViz compiler to lay them out (one could also use Kangaroo to layout a force-based graph), both through Grasshopper (one example here) and using the text editor Sublime Text (for things like this). Might be bit overkill though, but it is terribly fun :wink:

…a bit off the subject… but D3 can help you make simple but interactive mind maps and graphs like the ones Mostapha, Chris and their team designed: