Working on a VR interface for Grasshopper. Thoughts?

Hello everyone! For my bachelor thesis I’ve been working on building a VR interface for Grasshopper. The goal is to be able to see the grasshopper graph, edit its input parameters in VR and show in real-time the resulting parametric model.
Here are a few videos of the features that are already supported

I would like to know if you would find such a tool useful, and what features you would be interested in seeing.
If you have any specific questions don’t hesitate to write!


It could be if it is an editor, if you can create the definitions with an interface that takes advantage of the 3d space to present you the component ribbon in an intelligent way, but I don’t see myself with my Quest’s using them as long as I use Grasshopper on a daily basis.

Is the source code available?

Can you include me to test it when it is in beta to give you feedback?

I would also be very interested to try it with my Quest 2.

Like Dani, I cant see myself working with this in VR full time, but I think it could be great to check-in from time to time, and make some fine adjustments.

As well as what you have shown, I would really like the ability to create freeform models (like in Gravity Sketch, and then reference these into GH to work with. I think this could be very powerful.

I’m estimating that by September I should have the first proper build for release. As you noted correctly this is not a tool for the full development of the GH graph. It is instead meant for tweaking parameters and getting a better feel for the result, after the bulk of the work has been done on the PC.
I don’t know what gravity sketch is, so I’ll look into that

If all goes to plan there should be a first beta build around September. The source code is not yet available, i will look into that at a later date

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It is the best modelling app for Oculus. It’s wonderful to model with Nurbs or SubD from there, it feels like the almost perfect hardware interface, because I believe that until AR can run these software, they are not going to impact our daily lives. Then I will throw the mouse very hard at the wall while smiling.

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I don’t really see the utility of translating the GH canvas to any kind of 3D environment, if it’s merely a three-dimensional representation of the original 2D canvas. I guess making it 3D, would also further complicate things in terms of handling and control flow. Most definitions are already a nightmare to keep an overview over in two dimensions, if not properly structured and annotated.

What would be really cool in my opinion, would be if you could model - like in Rhino -, but with easy, straightforward, intuitive VR controls and gestures. Behind the scenes, a translation layer would keep track of the history graph, parametrize it as far as possible, and generate a dynamic Grasshopper definition. This way you could model in VR and at the same time change the geometry parametrically in Grasshopper and vis versa. It would be epic!

Is this made with Unity?

Keep us posted.