Create Procedural Site Map Graphic

I know this is a bit of a strange one, but Im doing a website and love the site map navigation and having that roadmap paradigm in overview is so simple.
What I hate about all the solutions I have looked at is that they are very clinical etc.
I would like to provide eg a spreadsheet or text based hierarchical information and have grasshopper generate a graphic representation in the form of a root system with a node at each joint for labelling etc.
There will be of course the need to update and refresh from time to time
Then the nodes will need to output some form of scaled location from GH that I can turn into an image map coordinates as that is the only way I can think of simply doing the project…just making the html use some parametric java to update the image map requirements based on the GH output…otherwise a lot of work.

This pic demonstrates the typical type of structure/data, it will only ever be 3 tiers deep.
data tree

This pic represents a general form


It will be stylized from this form to be obviously much simpler and angular.

My questions;
Are there are pre existing building blocks I could use to educate myself on a best practice implementation?
What would be the best tools to use?

Just need some help to get started.

I imagine since it involves a somewhat organic approach with heavy stress on non-crossing and non-overlapping elements, Kangaroo will feature heavily in whatever solution you end up with.

Thanks David
I was hoping for some parallel concepts previously expressed ie some projects to help understand the path I need to map. Im quite familiar with eg Pure Data and MAX…only just started using grasshopper but was hoping I didnt need a phd in esoterics to get started :slight_smile:

Observation is the best teacher.