MFA research project in open source fashion design

hello, I am an MFA fashion design student at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, part of the very first cohort graduating in 2019.

My thesis is about creating an open source pattern system for the uncommon body ( in fashion terms that’s everyone one not on a runway)
I am currently taking body scans and using them in a 3d modeling system called clo3d.
I am manually adjusting the pattern geometry in the system to each unique body.

I am reaching out for guidance, can rhino be used to take the geography of a 3d body scan and affect the geometry of a 2d pattern?

I have a limited Knowlege of rhino and grasshopper; I am aware how to model using a unit mapper for 3d printing and fashion.

Any help would be much appreciated.

  • if I can get this to work all of us can have pants that are a delight to wear.

Amy Sperber

Hi Amy, I’ve developed a solution to “morph” design templates to any body scan. So: Yes, this can be done with Rhino, but it is quite a bit of work. If you really want to develop that as an open source project I’d recommend Grasshopper and Kangaroo. Good Luck!

Thank you for the feedback. Would this be a project you might be interested in helping me on or would you know someone who has the expertise to collaborate.

Hi Amy, there are many talented people around in this forum. I’m just an occasional grasshopper user. If you have a problem and post your questions here then you’ll get help. However, if you want to initiate an open source project then you should contribute something substantial in the first place. This could also be various fashion design templates.

Hello @amy_sperber. We’ve been working on something similar since 2013 and have recently won a grant from the WEAR Sustain EU project. We call it GenCloth and we hope to have something ready to share by September 2018.

yes it can! sort of. In our method we do the draping digitally. We hope to add the ability to adapt generic slopers.

Again thank you.
Yes, that’s exactly what I plan on doing. Do you have suggestions on where the templates could be stored (github?) and what file type is most common for people interested in them (DXF?)
If you have any pointers on how I might approach the grasshopper “morph” and if there is a good starting point or tutorial please let me know.

Hi Amy, github is meant and optimized for code files. I think you should use a file hosting service for your geometry files. For the beginning I think it is OK to post your files into this forum.

If you want to do this project in Rhino then of course .3dm files are the preferred format.

Regarding the geometry you should use meshes since NURBS surfaces are not suitable for fabric (clothing) simulations.

I have seen some fabric/drape animations made with grasshopper/kangaroo but I don’t have the links at hand. Maybe someone else can help out, otherwise you should find it on the web or even in this forum.

The material simulation is a pretty complex topic, however developing the morphing took most of my time. Hope you’ll understand that I cannot share this work.

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