Freelance/part-time opportunity for Rhino/Grasshopper experts

Freelance/part-time opportunity for Rhino/Grasshopper experts

We seek to get in the team freelance Rhino/Grasshopper developers who can help us in a variety of fashion projects .

Who we are
3NITILAB, a project that provides technical solutions for the custom-tailored,
precise, 3D printed fashion designs.
Our proprietary technology for fashion designers enables new ways of creating 3D
printable costumes. It also serves as a marketplace turning designers’ digital ideas into high
quality products.

Our requirements to candidates
We look for passionate talents with solid knowledge of Rhino/Grasshopper and extensive experience of working with meshes and complex surfaces.
Experience on working with body scans is a plus.

What we plan
Work is project based and remote.
We plan to start with 2-3 projects per month and increase workload in future.
Compensation is discussed individually based on your experience and desired hourly rate.

Please DM me and drop an email

Thank you!


Hello there!
Hope you’re doing good.

PM sent pls check.

Have a nice day.


are there any references/completed projects you already have? i tried to find you online, but besides a few random links over pinterest which i am not sure are produced from your side i found nothing since your own website does not seem to be existing.

also it would be interesting what you are aiming for. are you talking about accessories, or actual clothing etc.

Hello, encephalon
your search investigation result is understandable as none of our works has been published yet. Our website is planned to go live in a month.
Please share your portfolio and hourly rates if you are interested in job.
Thank you!

hi Oksana, unfortunately you did not make it any clearer to understand your work in more detail. i personally avoid companies which ask for highly professional portfolios, but do not reveal anything about themselves.

anyway good luck finding the right one.