Clothing design and fashion

Has anybody tried to use Rhino for Fashion design? From the modeling to the pattern?

There’s this software Clo3d but I don’t have the capital right now to invest in the year plan. There’s another one from the same company called Marvelous Designer but it doesn’t generate the patterns on dxf to print and produce the clothes.

So, asking for knowledge, tutorials, books or tips and advices on Fashion design in Rhino.

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I think it really depends on the type of fashion you have in mind if that is suitable or not. For regular style clothing and fabric that needs to be stitched and needs to react to stitching, there are no such tools in Rhino that I know of. Have you tried Blender? Blender has some tools for stitching that seem to work pretty well and it’s free.

i have used rhino to create some models, nothing very elaborate i also just helped somebody but i dont see why not, from design to creating the cut stitch it was all very well possible


yeah! I’ve tried blender but it’s not the stitching that I care too much about but the grading and patterns so I can export them and print them on a plotter, give to someone to help me with the production or even laser cutting some fabrics.

I realize that maybe for modelling and all that it could work. Maybe using Kangaroo for the fabric physics, however, pattern and grading in fashion is similar to nesting. In a way, perhaps OpenNest could work, but I don’t know.

open nest and kangaroo might help yes, but how complex are your models going to be? the key to getting a good pattern is to unroll/squish your parts well, for this usually the pattern is divided according to the abilities to stitch a pattern together, which naturally help by flattening out the pattern i think. again my model was super simple :slight_smile: but i am curious to see any further results. so if you have anything you would like to share keep us posted!

oh and i also used pepakura from time to time, which works only on mesh, and only on pc (i had it running through wine though since i use mac) to build some models which could also be used for fashion i assume.


clo and rhino is a powerful combo, love the two of them. Definitely would recommend saving up and getting Clo if you are interested in simulating fabrics. Used rhino for fashion design long before touching Clo. rhino is perfect for pattern making and nesting. Rhino’s nesting is better than clo’s as clo only allows you to export the nested pieces as png, so the nested pats cant be laser cut which is a shame. Rhino is great for devising garment details . Clo’s avatar creator is immensely useful, as u can easily recreate your fit model as an OBJ. If u want to make multiple sizes you probably want to get Clo for its auto grading tool.

If anyone could suggest a rhino alternative to Clo’s avatar pen tool that would be extremely handy thanks:)