Method ideas on how to model a closed poly sculpture

Hey guys!

So I have this hand molded fox sculpture that I wanted to emulate in rhino. I have rhino 6, any ideas in terms of commands or methods that you can suggest would be best to recreate this sculpture in 3d?

What I tried to do was to use 3DF Zephyr and imported it as a OBJ into Rhino but it didnt turn out very clean. Any suggestions or resources/ tutorials at all would be much appreciated.

Thank you


Hello- what is the goal? Do you need a surface model or? If you do not have a specific need for surfaces, I would work on getting the mesh import to look better - it looks like the mesh is complete but unwelded and with incorrect texture mapping.


I would post this question on the general channel (and not on food4Rhino) and for such organic shapes, take a look at Sub-D in Rhino 7: Rhino - SubD


this is a job for Subd in v7. you can grab a 90 day trial here: Rhino - Downloads

{if you have not already)

and give it a go.

check out our you tube for lots of videos that will help you get started.