Metal material looks different in WIP

This is a V6 file, and if I open it in V7 WIP the metal material looks a lot darker.r6 version.3dm (8.4 MB)


Actually, I can’t repeat this. I would expect there to be a little bit of difference between the two, but not much - and that’s what I’m seeing. Are you sure you are capturing the exact same file with the same view on both versions of Rhino?

  • Andy

This is what I see when I open the file on V6

and on V7

Huh, well your images still show significant difference between the two, but not as much as mine. Or maybe it is as much & it’s just an illusion.

I’m using the same display mode (exported from V6 & imported to V7) and the same file.

When I look at your examples more closely, they look very different.


Yup. Like I said, I would expect differences, but not dramatic differences like you show.

So…you have a custom display mode? I’m going to need that too if I’m going to repeat the problen

And just so you know, we are using a more physically correct method of calculating metallic roughness v7. That’s why there is a slight difference.

We also calculate the diffuse IBL slightly differently (better) in v7, which affects these kinds of unpolished metal effects.

Basically, I just want to make sure it’s intentional, not a bug. If it’s intentional, I can just adjust materials, etc, to make it the way I want it. If it’s a bug, I don’t want to go to the trouble and I’ll just use V6 instead. Sounds like not a bug. Anyway, here is the display mode, but it seems the same in all rendered modes that I use.testmode.ini (11.4 KB)