Messy Edges

Hey All,

I’ve been following some basic Rhino tutorials, and have run into some issues. I’m sure they’re simple, but I can’t seem to articulate the problem well enough to Google for help.

I’ve been following this tutorial on Digital Tutors, and have run into some issues with messy surfaces. In the tutorial, the host has the same issue, so he explodes the object, deletes surfaces, and lofts them to rebuild them. When I try the same thing, I get the same problems.

Here’s an imgr album with some screenshots of the problem:


Hi OE - see if DivideAlongCreases > SplitAtTangents=Yes fixes this.


Thanks Pascal! That worked like a charm.

This might be a loaded question, but if it’s easily explained, what exactly was the logic behind that working, or why?

I see that it divided the object into more surfaces. As opposed to one long line curving around 1/2 the object, it is now split to one long straight line and one short curve. Did this just create more “control points,” or more simpler geometry for the computer?


Hi OE - that is really a meshing problem/deficiency/bug that turns up pretty regularly when surfaces that have tangent internal continuity (e.g. a rounded rectangle with straights and arcs, extruded as a single surface). Single surfaces prefer to have G2 or curvature continuity, internally - meshing is not the only thing that works better but it is the most commonly seen by far. Splitting up a surface at tangent locations is generally better, in my experience, even apart from the meshing.