Hi guys!
Please tell me how to cut these elements out of the form? (11.7 MB)

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not quite clear what are you talking about?
I am trying to remove these objects from the “mesh” but it doesn’t work

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// Rolf

oh, I’m still a beginner, did not notice right away

I’ve just spent 5 minutes trying to get a mesh trim ro mesh boolean to work after combining and cleaning the initial mesh, but the initial quality is too bad. There are small gaps everywhere, and unfortunately the later components just won’t work with that type of input.

How are you making your initial mesh pattern? Can you include this in your file?


thanks johnharding. The fact is that the main form was made in a third-party program.

Ah, ok.

You can still cull mesh faces by testing whether their centre is within a closed BRep. If you’re not worried about the jagged edges it might serve your purpose: (11.7 MB)

Smooth edges are so last century anyway.



Thanks for your decision! I really appreciate your work. In principle, you can already work with this.
It’s a pity that an even cut does not work (

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Hi George,

I just had a little fun recreating your pattern as it was so appealing (can I ask what this is for? very interesting design). As expected the clean version works absolutely fine with components like MeshSplit that will slice a mesh in half with another one.

Note: this definition does use some components from ‘Mesh Tools’ and ‘Weaverbird’. (855.8 KB)

Included is the definition with geometry internalised in case it’s useful. Probably not, but fun to attempt anyway and highlights the importance of using clean geometry if you can (I know you couldn’t in this case).

Best wishes,



Wow !!!
It’s amazing!
Thank you so much!!! :smiley:

Thank you Jonharding! this is the basis for the concept of the pavilion.

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The good old Pavilion, coming to a town near you.

yeah :smiley: