Trim mesh with a polyline

Hi guys! Can you please tell me how to cut out the contour from the mesh and make them separate objects? (111.2 KB)

I converted the mesh to a polysurface (brep) before splitting it, then used BrepInc with a random point on each brep to find the fragments inside the extrusions (cutters). (120.6 KB)

It’s a little slow, be patient. ~40 seconds. The purple group (disabled) converts the brep to a mesh.

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thanks Joseph!
It looks very good on the screenshot, but for some reason it opens like this (

Not for me. I’m using R6 with default tolerance of 0.001 (‘View | Display Options… | Units | Absolute tolerance’).

Yes it worked)
Thanks a lot!

Joseph, may I ask you more? how to get the inversion of this mesh by cutting out the roads?

Might as well get both using Dispatch instead of Cull Pattern: (120.8 KB)

Extruded roads (SLOWER!!!): (121.9 KB)


Thanks a lot! This is what I need