Unweld mesh edges by indices

Hi everyone!

I need to trim a mesh on specified edges, I tried creating trimming solid (mesh/brep) in several ways but it doesn’t work well. I think that the easiest way is to unweld the mesh at some edges selected by indices and then explode the mesh without unweld it again, but there isn’t any component in gh to do that operation, you can only unweld a mesh by a range of angles.
In rhino it works with “unweld mesh edges + explode”, but you have to select the edges one by one with the mouse, selecting it by indices in grasshopper it’s gonna be really easier.

anyone can help me? thanks

Hi Massimo, I am facing the exact same problem. Have you or anyone else found a solution?

I am dealing with a very large mesh with many edge loops to split at. I tried making cutter mesh from the edge loops then use them to “mesh split”, but it 1. is slow 2. produces extra faces.

Thanks for any pointers.

Try this:

unweld by indices.gh (12.1 KB)


Hi xy236, sorry but I just saw your post.

Anyway, the Riccardo solution is exactly the same as what I used to solve the problem 4 years ago, here is attached my c# version of the script:

MeshSplibyEdgesIndices.gh (14.8 KB)


Hi Riccardo & Massimo,

Thanks for help!

For anyone else wondering about what I meant by “[mesh split] with edge loops produced extra faces”:
I found out that the increased face count come from the ngon faces produced along the edge loops which I used to split. Ngon edges don’t show in preview by default, which was what confused me.

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