MeshToNurb or receiving different export format?



I Received a DXF model, but when i open it is build from 1000’s of meshes, MeshtoNurb doesnt do the job in converting this into workable surfaces. (it is in fact a paraglider model).

Any suggestions?
Does it get any different if i receive the model in a different format?
Is there a way to overlay with a surface, iow to copy the surface mor or less?

rgrds John

(Menno Deij - van Rijswijk) #2

Most desirable would be to get the original Nurbs representation of the model, but if this is not possible, without more information on the exact shape, let me suggest this:

Intersect the mesh or meshes with a regular set of planes, for example using the Contour command, or by arraying a number of Plane surfaces. You will get a number of parallel Polyline curves out of this intersection. If you rebuild these curves with less control points and a degree 3 within an acceptable deviation, you can use e.g. Loft, Sweep1/2 or NetworkSrf commands to create an approximate Nurbs surface representation.

For complicated models that are not amenable to contouring this will not be a solution, but maybe for a paraglider it will? Good luck :smile: