Mesh to nurb of simple object for 3Dprinting- worth it?

mesh_to_nurb.3dm (9.5 MB)
Whats the best way to get this object from mesh to Nurb? Re make it? MeshToNURB works, and results in a closed polysurface, but it inherits all of the weird subdivisions / skinny triangles? I have many of these that need conversion.

FWIW I also have the same object in a .123dx file as well as .gcode.



MeshToNURB is usually not useful to convert mesh objects to NURBS objects. MeshToNURB creates a separate NURBS surface from each mesh face.

The object in your file has simple geometry so in a few minutes I recreated the geometry as a NURBS objects.

I drew curves on the edges of one face.
Vertex OSnap On.
Drew the circles using Circle with the 3 point option snapping to vertices.
Drew the straight edges with Line snapping to the veritices.
Split the circles on the out edges using the lines, Discarded the un-needed parts.
Joined the remaining arcs and straight lines into a polycurve around the outside edge.
PlanarSrf using the edge curves to create one surface.
Measured the thickness.
ExtrudeSrf to create the solid.
mesh_to_nurb_DC1.3dm (12.9 MB)

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thanks! a good opportunity for practice.



Mesh => NURB == Ground Beef => Cow

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