Meshing Nurbs problem

This is a simple arch extruded
any option I use to make a mesh has no effect.
Max size set to 1.0 , aspect to 1 ect
the mesh is always the same
What am I doing wrong ?


Rebuild the surface.

Hi Gerry,

are you not managing to get the mesh surface at all or are you not satisfied with the mesh surface result?

The mesh result is visible in the image
long mesh elements that go from side to side
I want a mesh with face edges constrained to a maximum length for fem analysis purposes


Rebuilding the surface gives almost the same result.
The problem is not finding a solution I know how to get the mesh I need ( change degree on the mesh to 3 for example )
I am just pointing out that I am asking for a mesh with fixed attributes on a simple surface
and Rhino is generating a mesh without considering those parameters.
It seems a Bug or no ?


I have noted trouble with extrusion objects like this (I may have even reported it once here). Rhino has a tendency to mesh these objects with long skinny rectangles, and setting a maximum edge length or pretty much anything else does not work to force subdivide the mesh. I’m afraid the only workaround I found was to convert the extrusion object to a surface/polysurface before meshing. @dalelear Maybe this needs to be looked at…


Hi Gerry

Have a look at this topic, it deals with the same issue: